Personal Effective Golf Fundamentals Learned in Palm Springs, CA

Playing your best golf begins with learning the basic golf fundamentals. In Palm Springs, California, you can turn to Steve Creps PGA 'Class A' Golf Professional when you need a helping hand with the proper setup for your personal swing. Our program for enhancing your golf game is based on following your body’s natural motions to develop a proper grip and swing. We work with your natural movements to create a personalized approach to your golf performance that establishes new effective personal fundamentals that will last a lifetime.

Group & Private Lessons from a Golf Professional

While some golfers prefer to learn in a group, others prefer the one-on-one experience. Our coach gladly offers group and private lessons, so you have the option to choose the type of learning program that best suits your personal preference. Whether you want to improve your game in a private setting or with other golfers, you’ll have access to lessons that change the way you play forever.

Steve Creps Golfing

Personalized Club Fitting Works with Your Body, Not Against It

Many instructors try to change their students’ personal habits, but this is not the best way to learn. Instead of working against your body’s tendencies, we work with the natural movements of your body and follow its existing patterns to determine how they can be enhanced. This ensures an organic learning process that simply reinforces the way in which you already move your body, so you won’t have to unlearn the motions that you’ve gone through your whole life.

Your club and your swing cannot be separated from one another. When it comes to improving your swing, finding the perfect club fit is an essential part of the process. By rewarding your body’s ingrained movements, you’ll be able to increase your performance potential for distance and direction to enjoy the best results possible. Our personalized club fitting ensures that you’ll have what it takes to enjoy your best golf game by following your body’s movements from the tee to the cup in a natural and effective manner.

Contact us to learn more about the golf fundamentals program we offer. Based in Palm Springs, California, we provide training service to golfers nationwide.