Welk Resort Letters of Reference


Hi Steve,

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all that you have done for me and my golf game. You have not only done a fabulous job in fitting me for Ping clubs (twice), but have even helped me with my swing. Originally you fitted me with I-20 irons, and very recently with an entire set of G-410's (woods, hydrids, and irons). You even sent the G-410 irons back to Ping to have them check the calibrations and adjust my wedges slightly strong to give me the perfect distances that I wanted. I must give you credit for some of my personal accomplishments. With the I-20's I shot my lowest score ever - a 10 under par 62 at Desert Princess Country Club where I am a member. I also won our Club Championship in 2019 with these clubs and achieved a handicap of +2 for a while. Since getting my G-410's back from Ping with the minor tweaking you had them do, I got my handicap back down to a zero and have shot my age numerous times, probably a dozen times in August alone. So from the first time I shot my age (shot a 62 at age 64) until now at age 72, I have shot my age approximately 100 times. Thank you Steve, for making the game of golf so enjoyable! I also liked that while fitting me for clubs you took the time to point out a swing flaw of mine that you noticed. I was getting a bit closed at the top and now you have me square which definitely helped reduce the chance of me over-drawing the ball which I had a tendancy to do. And putting the driver's back weight on the toe lets me swing freely and not worry about hooking it. That sure took a lot of stress out of the game!

In short, Steve, I truly appreciate the time you have devoted to me during my fittings, and that you won't accept anything less than perfection and total customer satisfaction. You are a rarity in this day and age and it has been a real pleasure working with you.

Best regards,

Bill Bender

Mr. Jim Hill (GM @ Welk Resorts, Cathedral Canyon CC),

On December 15, 2017, my wife Valerie and I stayed at the Welk Resort in Cathedral City. During our evening welcome, we had the opportunity to meet Steve Creps, PGA Director of Instruction and Marketing at Cathedral Canyon CC and Welk Resorts.
We were going to play golf the following afternoon at Cathedral Canyon, so decided to take a lesson from Steve in the morning before we played.
My wife Valerie, has been playing golf for years, but recently has been having some difficulties which resulted in much frustration and the desire to quit playing golf. After just one lesson with Steve, she is hitting the ball much more solidly and playing with much more confidence. She actually wants to play every day now!
The next morning, Steve did a club fitting with Valerie and even I was amazed what a difference correctly fitted clubs did for her game. We have ordered the new clubs and she can’t wait to play with them.
We have found Steve to be not only an expert in diagnosing swing problems, he knows how to listen to our concerns and has the ability to positively present solutions.
We only wish that we lived closer so that we could take advantage of Steve’s expertise more often.
Tim and Valerie Lynch
Oceanside, CA

Steve, you're the man!

Jim Hill (GM for the Welk Resorts),   and I had a sit down with CEO of Welk Resorts John Fredricks yesterday, and we specifically mentioned your name, your talents, and loyalty. Jim also mentioned that people make a point to stay at our resort because of you.

We're so grateful to have you as a friend and ally with our cause.

I'm creating a new guide for January through March 9th let me know if there are any changes to your classes,

Thank You,

Tyler Lockwood Manager of Activities for Welk Resort

Dear Jim

Now that a week has passed since I left LWDO I thought I'd send you the brief note I promised when we met, summarising our 2015 stay and offering what I hope is valuable feedback.

We were a party of 12 adults and 4 kids, all owners who have been visiting LWDO for decades, plus an extended friendship group of 4 adults and 4 kids. Together we occupied 7 units.  I summarise on behalf of us all.

The things we missed we have already discussed - the clock by the pool terrace (everyone missed this!), the world map in the Activity Centre, the wine and cheese bingo by the pool, the newspaper stand, being able to sit on the pool terrace chatting with friends beyond 10.30pm.  I hope you can reconsider these, as we were informed by your staff that they were recent changes.

One thing I must say is the importance to us all of Steve Creps.  It was Steve who introduced me to golf through his golf school many years ago.  Two club fittings and lots of coaching later he has certainly transformed the way I travel and the people I meet along the way. Now that my sons are grown and I travel alone, I can rely on the confidence that Steve has given me through his unique coaching and attention to individual needs, to play golf anywhere, knowing I will be paired up with strangers.  His personality and coaching style go hand in hand. His teaching technique is outstanding and even though I now have a coach in England, I still book coaching sessions with Steve when I'm at LWDO.  He is superb and deserves the many state wide awards he has been granted. Indeed for me he was a significant part of my reason to purchase time at LWDO.  This summer he also took our kids for golf coaching and was amazing. Whatever changes are introduced, it would be a disaster if Steve and his golf school were to be a part of those changes.

Amongst the activity staff there were some real gems - Miriam, Jasmine and Engelbert in particular. As you well know, they need nurturing with a good team leader, but they were very responsive, happy to oblige and seemed to grow in confidence as the weeks passed.

With some of our party owning time at both Escondido and Desert Oasis, we feel the two are very different places.  LWDO is our very own Desert Oasis.  We return every year and we don't exchange our time. It's a relaxing community of friends whose homes are spread around the nation/world. We remain in contact throughout the year and look forward to our annual reunions.

As owners we want to support you in seeing LWDO go from strength to strength. Thus I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to many happy years ahead at LWDO.

many thanks

Your sincerely

Dear Mr. Hill,

You have an excellent golf teacher in Steve Creps! We took lessons from him last week, and also got fitted for new clubs.

His addition of pilates and yoga to start the day made us relaxed and limber, and was a stroke of genius! We got a lot more out of each lesson, and were able to appreciate the "effortless power" techniques because our bodies were ready to move.

He is a patient, observant, gentleman, who knows how to get results! Our short game was much better because he showed us how to get just enough air before the ball started rolling toward the cup. And the relaxed grip, balance, set-up and timing, among other things made the two rounds we played in Palm Springs much more fun! The Cathedral Canyon course is greatly improved, too, so we will definitely be back. (We live 8 hours away, in Twain Harte, in northern California, but hope to get to Palm Springs about once a year.

Our new Pings should arrive any day, now, and we can't wait to play with them. Steve is very precise in fitting clubs, so I know we'll have some excellent connections from now on. I don't know how he did it, but Steve really made a connection with us.
Here's to "6 Under Par for Life!"

Rich and Nancy Schwarzmann

I just finished almost 2 weeks of golf school with Steve. I have had Golf lessons before but they were of no real help and I was a real hacker on the course. So I have not really golfed for the past 5 years.  But Steve totally reengineered everything and was to communicate in a way that I understood.  Its hard to believe that after a few hours with Steve my whole mindset has changed. Now I can drive, putt, chip, and one day soon get out of the sand, all because I met Steve.

Its probably going to change our holidays in the future –  I am coming back, to golf and take lessons with Steve.

Curtis McKay

I would like to thank you for offering the services of Steve Creps at your facility. His lessons were excellent. He is extremely positive and his attention to each individual's issues, while not making them totally reinvent their whole swing, was excellent. His advice is something I will take to heart and practice during the coming weeks as I work on my golf fundamentals.

Superb instructor.

Thanks again for the great program with a great instructor.
Jan Prisco

Hello Jim,

We have just recently completed a 7 day stay at the Welk Resort in Palm Springs. While we were there we took the four-day golf lessons from Steve Creps!  We were so impressed with Steve skills, not only in his knowledge of golf but as well his ability to share it in an understandable way!  We truly feel our experience with Steve will be life-changing for us and that is a powerful statement. As he said, we are all getting older and not as flexible, and he stressed the importance of exercise and yoga and pilates in our lives. We are both pretty confident that these exercises will continue on a daily basis for us and we couldn't agree more with his philosophy. As far as the actual physical golf lessons, Steve was always very positive in his comments, never made you feel inferior when you asked a question, and basically demonstrated exceptional skills in getting the best out of his students. I personally say this from my 34 years of teaching background!

As far as the Welk resort we were very impressed with everything. There were so many great activities going on every day and the golf course was certainly a huge asset to the resort! We will most definitely recommend your resort to friends and family, as well we hope to return sometime in the future. Our only complaint would be the Wi-Fi did not work at all times for us and that was a bit frustrating. Otherwise, It was a five-star resort!

Thank you again for this fantastic week and experience!

Ben and Barb Dietrich

Hi Jim,

Hope this email finds you well. As i said i did my best not to learn swing and other fundamentals of golf but i gave up with Steve. Once again thank you so much for being flexible with payment and assigning the most patient coach on earth.

It was a pleasure to have Steve, not only as a coach but as a friend.

I would like to send him a big thank as well as he created such a relaxed , fun but still very professional atmosphere during the whole sessions. He has enormous experience and great teaching skills which helps him and the student. But on the other hand what i really enjoyed was his attitude towards his student; as he easily and effectively finds alternative ways to teach if first one does not work.

Even i was time limited he used that time very effectively and did a lot of change in just total 4 hours.
I come from a sell and forget environment where customer care does not exist. But Steve keeps his promises and sends videos, updates and information i need even before we were done and gave me all his details for future contact if i need.

I do hope to see him again soon to improve my golf and like to thank to you so much once again to book him for my sessions.
Steve, you are a fantastic coach and a great personality, and was  great to meet you.


Hello Jim

My family stayed at Welk Resort in Cathedral City this summer and had an enjoyable stay. My son and I had the pleasure of taking a 3 day golf lesson series with Steven Creps. We found Steven's approach to be a positive experience overall. This is mainly due to his friendly and comforting personally and his skills in teaching the ways of golf. His longstanding experience is evident in his confidence and commitment to the sport of golf. Steven understands the science of the successful swing and adds to it the art of enjoying the game of golf. He reduced in me the confusion of finding the right techniques in my stance and swing and provided me with a baseline of setups to practice and perfect my swings.

I highly recommend Steven in his role as Director of Instruction and the services he provides to guests of the country club and Welk Resorts. His videos are excellent and bring fond memories of the time spent with Steven that I can enjoy in the future.

Bruce and Jordan


I caught Jim on Thursday, and told him the reason I came this time was to get your lessons, because you are the best golf coach and instructor I have ever met.  I told him that you were invaluable to the resort.

Ray Trombino

Hi Jim,

Thought you would like to hear how much we enjoyed our golf lessons from Steve.  We had lessons a few years ago, and found they were complicated and confusing.  Now after lessons from Steve we have a much better appreciation of what we need to practice and how much easier the game of golf can become, even enjoyable, instead of a frustrating, dreaded testing of your character and humility.

We highly recommend Steven Creps as a professional golf instructor.  His insight and pleasant teaching style, make him valuable to any level of golfer.  I would wager even the professional golfer would find a lot of things they could profit from!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet Steve on our stay here at the Resort.  This has helped make our visit so much more pleasant and rewarding.

John and Melissa Givens